View Your Packaging without Building a Prototype with 3D Designs

At DCP, we custom design packaging that meets your specific requirements. Our team uses a unique software that allows us to design a 3D digital model of your packaging without building a physical prototype. You can see the packaging and your product, giving you a real sense of what it will look like. The benefit of this process is that you can see your packaging, and we can make any changes you want without incurring prototype costs.

You don’t have to pay for multiple prototype iterations, and you have a direct say in how your final product will look.

Find your right packaging

At DCP, we can develop a physical prototype of your packaging quickly, but it will cost money and takes more time than building a 3D digital model. Once we create the 3D design, we can sit down together and see if it meets all of your requirements. If changes are needed, then we can make them right then and there before building anything.

With our 3D software, you have the ability to comment on direction, design, and attributes of our proposed packaging earlier in the process, saving everyone time, money, and effort. We can develop different options and revise and rework the style during our consultation.

  • See how different packaging options fit your product’s requirements
  • Choose where different design elements will look best
  • Test how different features work and improve your product’s appeal
How we create a digital packaging prototype

The process to build your 3D packaging design begins with reviewing your product and its requirements. We’ll help you determine the level of protection, weatherproofing, theft prevention, and design that’s necessary, along with any other features or elements that you want to see. Then we add all of that information into our software system and create the design.

After the design is completed, we will sit down for a consultation where you can see if the 3D rendered design is what you want. Creating a digital model before building a physical packaging prototype lets us to make quick, easy changes without having to go through unnecessary iterations with physical materials.

Build the right packaging prototype the first time around

Using our 3D software program, we can get your packaging most of the way there before ever building a physical prototype, saving you both time and money. The result is a much more efficient and effective design development phase, minimal use of resources and materials, and you have a large say in the design process.

If you want help determining the best packaging type for your product, contact the DCP team today and we’ll put together a 3D packaging design for you!