Liquid Filling Systems

Liquid Filling

Our liquid filling systems are capable of filling up to 30 or 60 containers per minute. Compact in design, the monoblock system is a multi-functional machine that works for filling, cap insertion, and cap closing. Starting from the initial infeed conveyor, the containers travel to the filling station in a clockwise direction. After filling the containers with products, they are moved to the cap insertion stage then to the cap tightening station before being discharged from the monoblock filling system.

Automatic liquid fillers, in particular, are highly consistent and reliable in their jobs. And such consistency and reliability cannot be accomplished by hand filling containers. Also, many liquid fillers today can be configured to handle various bottles and product types. Some machines could need changeovers to accommodate other bottle sizes or product viscosity while others may just need some simple modifications to switch from one container or product to another.

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