Does Your Food Packaging Stand Out Against the Rest?

DCP International Wants to Help You Get Your Food Packaging Noticed

With the current national climate, shelf-stable products are in high demand, more than ever. And with consumers being given dozens, if not hundreds, of options, will your packaging stand out in the crowd?

As a trusted domestic foodservice and restaurant packaging provider, DCP International knows the importance of your food packaging. Our consumer food packaging will preserve the quality and safety of the product inside while looking great to maximize marketability, all at a price that is cost-effective. See why we are Chicago’s choice for Food Packaging!

Ready to Get Noticed?

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Which Food Solution Fits Your Needs?

  • Keeps food fresh
  • Resealability + Easy to Open
  • Recyclable Material
  • Zipper Pouches – Easier for the Consumer to take with them and reseal.
  • EZ Lock – Extending the Shelf Life of the Product
  • High Clarity
  • Various Barrier and Color Finish options
  • Simple + Cost-Effective
  • Visually Appealing Designs
  • Lighter and More Compact Than Traditional Bottles/Cans/Pails
  • Require Less Space to Store
  • Cost Less to Ship