Sustainable Packaging


Sustainable Packaging Products

DCP International is committed to the design and distribution of sustainable packaging products that meet the market demands for performance and cost. Let our team redesign your current packaging to incorporate environmentally preferred alternatives like luxury pulp or paper blisters.

“Going Green” Builds Consumer Support

“Going Green” can provide brand enhancement and consumer awareness and can reduce the system-wide total packaging cost. Choosing sustainable products demonstrates your social responsibility, respect for the environment and focus on the future.

Available Products:

• Corrugated, recyclable and biodegradable

• Chipboard, recyclable and biodegradable

• Recyclable loose-fill peanuts

• Recyclable plastics and tapes

• Natralock® paperboard packaging

• Thermoformed PET packaging

Contact DCP International today. We can help you meet the green initiatives that are so important to your business and your customers.