Packaging Options for Effective Merchandise Protection

Organized retail crime is on the rise throughout the United States. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 75% of retail companies both large and small have reported that retail crime increased in 2020, which was already up 68% compared to 2019. What do these numbers mean for the retail industry? That shoplifting theft prevention is more important than ever before.

At DCP, we provide packaging options with proven merchandise protection features that help retail outlets prevent shoplifting. Two of the manufacturers we work with, Sensormatic and Natralock, are among the most trusted brands when it comes to shoplifting prevention.

DCP has Packaging Options that Help Prevent Shoplifting

Below are some of the most advanced products for shoplifting prevention:

  • Natralock Protect is patented paperboard product that provides unmatched tear resistance and tamper defense in order to discourage shoplifting. Plus, it delivers a tough, smooth surface that is perfect for high resolution graphics and branding.
  • Sensormatic’s Source Tagging program enables merchandise protection on the retail floor. It arrives ready to use and helps you prevent product loss. Its reliability, effectiveness, and ease of use helps store staff devote more of their attention to the shoppers in the store and not to setting up tagging devices.

These innovative, highly effective theft prevention devices provide proven merchandise protection. Our team can show you exactly how these products work and the difference they can make for retail theft. Start creating a superior shopper experience while avoiding costly loss of product.

At DCP, we are always innovating and searching for new advanced products to make things easier for our customers. We offer a large variety of products that are creative, versatile, and designed specifically for shoplifting prevention.

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